Flood Emergency at Skywatch

The recent historical rainfall in our area has caused flooding and devastation at the sanctuary. The water levels are going down at this point but the hospital was completely flooded, appliances were lost, and many repairs need to be made. We are in serious need of donations and volunteers to get back on our feet. The current list of needs for the rescue is below, for an updated list and volunteer information please visit our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/skywatchbirds?fref=ts


Hay/Straw/Pine Straw, Cinder Blocks, Bricks. Large outdoor trash bags. Large animal crates (the really big ones) Lumber (2 x 4s & 4 x 4s, & plywood) Towels (lots of towels!). We need a new dryer since ours broke from the flooding. Wheelbarrows. Gravel. Canvas tarps, Zip ties. Large food/water dishes (the two sided kind). Outdoor extension cords (the long ones 150 foot). Heat lamps.

We can use any bird seeds, feed, cracked corn, etc. We lost a lot of feed that got wet. Large metal trash cans with lids.
ANY home Depot/Lowes or local hardware store and feed store gift cards will help us get back on our feet.


We are so thankful for our supporters help during this emergency.