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Bird Seed/Feed

Suett cakes, (any types )
Sunflower Seed, any types of nuts.
Any kinds of grain/farm feeds like duck feed, chicken scratch
Game bird feed, cracked corn, oats, barley, corn, millet etc.
Nuts (any types), dried fruits
Parrot food (or parakeet/cockatiel etc)
Fruits & vegetables (fresh or dried)
Any types of canned food (used to make lunches for the hardworking volunteers)
Any types of fresh produce (veggies & fruits) – used as a supplemental food source for large birds
Gallons of water, Whole grain breads -(stale is ok) Rolled Oats/oatmeal, Corn meal, whole wheat flour
Baby food (chicken, turkey, spinach or grn peas) & baby cereals peanus, almonds, pine nuts etc.
Bugs of all types are much needed. Mealworms, silkworms, grasshoppers, crickets, earthworms grubs (not chemically treated) and many more.
We are always in need of fish for our fish eating patients that come in
(Pelicans, Herons, Grebes, Gulls, Storks, even some ducks all eat fish….LOTS of fish! )
Whole fish or fish with heads on are preferred, but any types of fish are welcome
Bait fish, shrimp and any other crustaceans
Anything can be used in some way, and NOTHING gets wasted

Wild game: if you go hunting you can donate your part of your catch to us for all the meat eating birds!
We can use any parts (exept for entrails/intestines) of deer/hog/boar/ or whatever you hunt. (no heads or feet please. you don’t have to skin the animal for us)

Items like rabbit/opossum/squirrel etc can be donated whole – no processing needed!
Ducks/chickens/geese/quail etc can also be left whole an intact. Roadkill items are always welcome, as long as they are fresh dead within the last 12 hours (in summer) or the last 24hours (in winter)
​If you use snap trap to kill unwanted mice or rats, just stick in a ziplock in the freezer and once you have few collected, let us know! – the owls benefit greatly from having regular wild rats/mice. Rats or Mice can be donated dead or alive.

General Supplies

Heating pads, Heating blankets, Coffee grinders
Old blankets, pillow cases & sheets (solid colors preferred)
Fans or heaters (any kind) working air filters, Air conditioner.
Food dehydratos, Blenders, Food processor, coffee grinders
Papertowels, toiletpaper, News papers, Scurbbing brushes
Old towels, flat sheets, Pillow cases, small hand towels
Laundry soap,Dish soap, Baking soda, Bleach, White vinegar,
Hand Sanitizer. Mirrors (small hand held or large) Extension cords,
Ceramic dishes/bowls, of any size (used for smaller birds)
Storage containers, Ice packs, buckets, tupperware (with lids)
Zip lock bags, foil wrap, wax paper, lady’s stockings
Umbrellas, rain jackets, rain boots, waders (any size) – for volunteers who help catch birds in the rain)
Fish tanks/Aquariums, water pumps & filters, Aquarium tubing & supplies
Any and all office supplies are greatly appreciated, like office paper, markers, pens, scissors, etc.
We have a lot of paperwork to file for the migratory birds and go through a high volume of office supplies. Old/empty ink toners and cartridges – we send them in for recycling and receive a small dollar amount.

Pharmaceutical Supplies

Peroxide, Iodine, rubbing alcohol, hand sanitizer, bactine, Pedialite, mineral oil,
Cotton balls, or Q-tips, sterile/Saline solution, eye wash or drops
Ice packs or heat packs (any kind), old/expired antibiotics (any kind)
Sterile syringes, antiseptic spray, antibiotic ointment, gauze, bandage wraps
We can accept any type of old/expired medicines you no longer need. (both human and pet meds)

Pet Supplies

Water based tick & flea spray – like “Adams”
Dry cat food, Dry dog food, Canned dog food, (used for crows, muskovies and many others)
Dog/Cat Shampoo, Dog crates or carriers
Dog pens or corrals, Outdoor dog boxes or dog houses -(used as shelters for large birds)
All types of bird cages, perches – Any type of bird supplies
Cat litter pans, dog bowls, other small bowls or dishes
“puppy pads” – absorbency helps in rehab
Any pet bird supplies or wild bird supplies

Outdoor/Building Supplies

Garden hoses, irrigation tubing, shovels, pitchforks, wheelbarrows
Bricks, any types of wood (pressure treated preferred) nails/screws or hardware
Chain link fencing, ANY types of garden fencing, chicken wire, hardware cloth etc
Wood panels or slats, wooden posts, outdoor paint, sheds/storage bins, glue (all types)
Paint brushes, stones/blocks, bags of sand, stones, gravel, pavers
Any types of gardening supplies, like pots, plant food etc
Perrenial bushes, shrubs, trees, grass seed, sod, weed killers, bug killers, fire ant killer
Axes, saws, tools, rope (all types), bags of concrete, bags of sand, pebbles, tile, cinderblocks
Mulch, pine needles, straw bales, cutters/clippers, gloves, rubber boots (any size)
Any types of netting/mesh screening, Tarps or outdoor fabrics, outdoor carpeting
Extension cords, plant lights, heat lamps, water barrels or steel drums
Cements, bricks, gravel, sand, hardy planks, plywood, pressure-treated outdoor wood, mulch, pine needles, stones, paint, hardware, deck screws, tools, rakes, shovels, pitchforks.