Giving Tuesday

Tuesday December 3, 2019
A chance to have your donation be doubled by the Gates Foundation Matching Fund!!
Giving Tuesday is December 3rd, 2019. Thanks to the Bill Gates Foundation, Paypal, and Facebook, there is a chance your donation can be matched, which means double the funds for our Fine Feathered Friends at SkyWatch. The Gates Foundation, Paypal, and Facebook join forces on this very special day, Giving Tuesday, to donate 7 Million Dollars in matching funds to qualified non-Profits.  The matching happens quickly, starting at 8 AM, on December 3rd, the sooner you donate, the better chance SkyWatch has of receiving matching funds.
This years #GivingTuesday campaign, we will be raising money for several causes.

How to Donate


Screech Owl

This little screech owl is receiving supportive care after colliding with a vehicle while flying at night. She was dehydrated and covered in parasitic flies. She should make a full recovery and be released in about 4 weeks. During her recovery, she will be eating a lot of bugs and other nutritional foods. 

Your donation on Giving Tuesday, can help feed her during her recovery.

Avian Clinic

Our Avian clinic rescues thousands of birds throughout the year, and 2 key ingredients to helping SkyWatch help them recover are medicine and warmth.  The medicine helps them to heal, and the warmth they receive helps keep them comfortable during their recovery process.  Many of the birds still in recovery from fall collisions with windows and cars, will winter at the rescue and be released in the spring. 

Your donation on Giving Tuesday will help keep them warm, and provide much needed medical treatment, during their winter stay.


Hurricane Dorian Pelicans

Several Hurricane Dorian Pelicans we picked up from the folks in Ocracoke, after the storm, will be spending the winter in our Pelican enclosure, to continue to gain weight, before being released in the spring.  One of our volunteers spent several days driving back and forth, including ferry rides, to help get these beautiful birds to SkyWatch for rehabilitation.  They were all found stranded, severely dehydrated and extremely anorexic, and require dozens of fish per day.

Your donation on Giving Tuesday, can help feed them during their recovery.