Now accepting 2019 Intern Applications!

Skywatch Bird Rescue offers internships in Spring, Summer and Fall each year.  Interns are required to be available a minimum of 15 hours per week.  In addition to gaining a great deal of avian knowledge and experience, intern’s volunteer hours will count as community service hours performed. We are looking for confident, outgoing individuals who welcome new experiences and can represent our organization.

Students in the following academic areas of study would benefit from an internship at Skywatch Bird Rescue: Biology, Veterinary Medicine, Zoology, Ecology, Wildlife and Fisheries, and Science Education. (Anyone is welcome to apply for an internship, you do not have to be enrolled in a college program. Look at this. Applicants must be at least 18 years old.)

This internship focuses on learning basic rehabilitation and supportive care of both adult and baby birds (and occasionally orphaned mammals), including Triage, medical examination and stabilization, until they are ready to be released back to the wild swipe n clean.  It includes a wide variety of tasks associated with running a bird rehabilitation facility, and will give you the opportunity to learn hands-on and in-depth with the visit website.  SkyWatch interns must be dedicated and willing to commit required hours each week on site, plus four hours a week on call from home for the duration of the internship period.

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For questions on internship opportunities, please contact us at [email protected]. Put “Internship Question” in the subject line.

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