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SkyWatch is a non-profit organization started by Amelia Mason, a reputable and licensed wildlife rehabilitator. She maintains a close working relationship with local veterinarians, animal control, humane society, and the National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association (NWRA). She focuses on the rescue of injured wild birds in and around Wilmington and southeast North Carolina. She, along with a small team of dedicated volunteers, rescues all of the injured, orphaned and misplaced birds in our area.
From the smallest hummingbird to the giant pelican, no bird in need is ever turned away. Birds receive medical care, food, safety, and rehabilitation until they can be placed in protected sanctuaries or returned back to the wild for “a chance to soar once more”.

Amelia Mason, Founder

Amelia Mason, founder and director of SkyWatch Bird Rescue, is a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator. As a child she grew up in South Africa and spent much of her time in the Kruger National Park, the largest wild game preservation in the world, where her mother managed the park’s private airport.

Growing up in Africa, she was always surrounded by wild animals. Friends and family were game rangers, wild game vets, trackers and other wildlife experts. Living in Africa on the game preserve and being involved with animals all the time, she gained experience from a very early age. School vacations were spent at the Pretoria Zoo, taking zoological classes and helping zoo caretakers tend to the animals and exhibits.

Amelia came to the United States at age 19 and traveled across the US until she settled in Portland, Oregon and started a career in the airline industry. Years later, after having children and living in many different places, she ended up in Charlotte where she became a volunteer for Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. After volunteering and mentoring, along with many other classes, courses and avian education, she became a federally licensed wildlife rehabilitator who now helps injured birds in North Carolina completely out of her own time and expense without reimbursement or payment.


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