We are committed…

to giving each bird a chance to soar once more.


Our daily mission is to provide immediate response to injured wildlife in Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas.


At this time we offer certain on-site educational programs which can be booked through our director; we also offer off-site programs for larger groups.  Kids will love their experience which promotes age appropriate learning and awareness. We also offer volunteer training in “capturing and handling” and “bird transport.”  Please call for details.


Our ongoing work includes active intake of migratory and non-migratory birds with a focus on rehabilitation and release back into the wild.


Our main goal at SkyWatch Bird Rescue is to rehabilitate and release injured birds back into the wild. But we also focus on building and maintaining a lifelong sanctuary for our non-releasable patients.


Our mission at SkyWatch Bird Rescue is to raise public awareness through education and to promote preservation and conservation.


SkyWatch Bird Rescue reaches deep into the community to help both people and birds. We are a free resource for the community with whom we share both wildlife awareness and provide a service.

In just five years

We have saved more than 2,800 lives

Our first year, we took in 350 birds. The second, it was 500, the third, it was 600.  Now this year, through October, we’ve taken in about 1,400 birds.  “It got to a point,” says founder Amelia Mason, “where I thought, I can either get out of this, or I can really commit to it.

So she went all in. Last month, Amelia and her family moved from Wilmington, NC to a 10-acre spread in Castle Hayne, NC. There, she hopes to expand the rescue, adding flight pens, a bird hospital, an educational center and, eventually, a bird-centric zoo facility, all open to the public. The goal, she said, is to continue to help injured birds while informing the public about their presence.

“Ninety-five percent of the birds I see are here for man-made reasons,” she said. “Fish hooks in their beaks, dog and cat attacks, running into windows. We are hurting them, so I feel like we should be helping them. I’m trying to bridge the gap between the community and wildlife, so they can be educated.”

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