Tupperware Fundraiser!

What: Tupperware Fundraiser

When: Now through the end of July

Where: http://www.tupperware.com/?fundraiser=595c169c26f5ea4f0b5a2673

Why: We are doing a online Tupperware fundraiser! Please share. Summer is not over yet and our expenses remain high. Did you know every baby songbird costs us about $25-$35 to raise? Birds like Loons, Herons and Pelicans can costs several hundred dollars each to rehabilitate, and much more when surgery is needed. Most of the time birds arrive with either no donation or a small gift like $20. This helps us greatly, but, the majority of our expenses are still reliant on funds raised by fundraisers. Please help us share this so we never have to turn a bird away because we can’t afford to medicate or feed them. Fundraising is for the birds!